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Coda Collectiv was founded in February 2021 by a diverse group of women across the globe with the goal to educate and inform aspiring music industry professionals about the different jobs and opportunities that the industry has to offer. 

As aspiring industry professionals ourselves, we wanted to create something by aspiring music industry professionals for aspiring music professionals. While navigating and learning about the industry, we noticed a lack of essential information and a need for providing the fundamentals to get started. Therefore, we decided to create a solution. We work with industry professionals to gather and organize information to become a reliable source and ensure credibility.


Our mission is to gather and organize music industry information and make it accessible for aspiring industry professionals all over the globe.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the music industry, and we want to make it more inclusive by providing resources for everyone, everywhere. Our goal is to create a space where fans, aspiring professionals, and artists can find everything they want to know. 



Record labels are companies that sign record deals with musicians to manufacture, distribute, and market their music. 



Stands for Artists & Repertoire. 

A division of a record label that is in charge of scouting new artists, overseeing the recording process, and assisting with the creative process.



artist team

The artist team helps out the day-to-day life of the artist regarding all business and organizational aspects. 



The show planner, in charge of booking artists for live shows and performances, and negotiating fees and payments.